FIDO Security Keys

Provisioning Security Keys with your online account

The first step of using FIDO authentication is to provision security keys into your account. For most web services, it is required to register your security key on PC via USB. To provision the security key with your account, please follow the steps below:

1. Authenticate you account as normal with PC and a WebAuthN supported browser.

2. Go to account settings – sign method – 2 step verification or something similar.

3. Select set-up security key, plug in the security key and follow the pop up instructions.

The compatible services and detailed site-by-site authentication services can be found at Compatible Service Catalog.

Authenticate using Security Keys

After provisioning the security key via PC, user can authenticate to their account passwordlessly or as a strong second factor with the security key.  The steps authenticate to account may be different across web services and platforms. 

Authenticate with PC

For Passwordless Authentication, user can click “sign-in with security key” in the sign in window, then follow the pop up instruction of authentication.

Two Step Authenticcation, users are required to type authentication with username and password as usual, then the two step verification window will pop up, user follow the pop up instruction to finish authentication.

Authenticate with Bluetooth Mobile Device

User first trigger the authenticate request on WebAuthN supported browsers or application first, Then attach the security key with the bulit-in NFC sensor (via NFC) or turn on the device and perform follow up action (via Bluetooth).