FIDO Security Keys

Set up Security Keys

The first step after receiving security key is to set up PIN code and Fingerprint of the security key, there are serval available tools that can be used to manage security keys as listed:

Note: It is recommended to set up the security key first before provision security key to web services.

Windows built-in Security Key Manager

Windows built in security key manager is available in Windows 19H1 and above.

Users are able to set the PIN of security key, manage fingerprints and reset the security keys. This tool can be found in “Settings” => “Accounts” => “Sign-in options” => “Security Key”.

Chrome built-in Security Key Manager

This tool is available in the latest Chrome browser in macOS and Linux core system.

Users can find this tool in “Chrome Settings” => “Privacy and security” => “Manage security keys” This tool provide the capability to manage PIN, fingerprint and credentials inside the security key and reset the device

FEITIAN BioPass FIDO2 Manager

Availability: Windows 7, Windows 10 Build 18H2 and below, macOS and Linux. MacOS user can download this tool from APP Store. The latest Windows and Linux version can be downloaded at:

Note: This tool is designed for FEITIAN Biometric enabled security keys.

Additional step for linux user

Linux user are required to download a udev rules named “70-u2f.rules” and put it under “/etc/udev/rules.d/” directory, the rules file contains FEITIAN Security Keys can be download at: