FIDO Security Keys

ePass FIDO

ePass FIDO series include the K8, K10,K12, K28, K34 and A4B casings. 

Supported functions: HOTP, U2F and FIDO2.

Firmware version history:

Initial version: COS: 3.2.04

2020.10: COS: 3.3.00. Add support of FIDO_2_1_PRE feature; Add support of credential management feature. 

2020.12: COS: 3.3.01. Change the response code of timeout to 0x36. 

2021.06: COS: 3.4.01. Ignore the ‘not understand’ map keys.

Setup FIDO2:

There are multiple methods to setup FIDO, including setting or changing PIN, fingerprint management and reset the security key. 

View here

Setup HOTP

The ePass FIDO security key is able to configure HOTP.

You can ask us the OTP seed by providing us its serial number. otherwise, it is also possible to configure OTP by yourself.

View here to see how to manually configure HOTP. 

FEITIAN also provides an automatic tool for customer who wishes to mass seed security keys. View here